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The Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology assumed its present status as a full-fledged technological institution in 1992. Before then the College was known as the Federal School of Fisheries which was established in 1969 as a vocational training institute to address the manpower requirement of Nigeria’s fledging in-shore fleet.

The phenomenal growth of the Nigerian fisheries sector over the years gave rise to a corresponding need to generate a higher level of indigenous expertise to service the core and ancillary segments of the sector. Training presently has gone beyond this initial reason for establishing this institution. Courses on Cargo handling, Naval Architecture, Navigation etc have made it possible for grandaunts to seek careers in the lucrative maritime sector of the economy mostly in Tankers and other sea going vessels.

The Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology is headed by a Provost who reports the Honourable Minister of Agriculture through a Governing Council.

Due to the high level of importance attached to it’s work locally and internationally, the College has benefited from numerous aid assistance programmes including institutional support from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

As an educational Institution established to cater for the needs of a highly specialized sector of the Nigerian economy, the Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology has continually sought to evolve training programmes that are sensitive to the dynamics of the demand of its immediate clientele as well as to international standards. To date, the College has graduated technical experts on its three major disciplines, namely: Marine Engineering, Nautical Science and Fisheries Technology. The products of the College mainly from the Departments of Marine Engineering and Nautical Science have continued to maintain a strong dominance of shipping and industrial fishing activities in Nigeria.

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